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My Solutions for Humanity presentation at Camp Disclosure 2021in Helen Georgia!

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Every Shaman Spear is uniquely hand crafted by Apolla for the use of channeling energy. No two are ever made the same. All spears are filled with crystal chips, magnets, and sand collected by the creator from sacred sites around the world. Every Shaman Spear is charged and added to an energy collective via the Quantum Touch quantum entanglement method.

Apolla Asteria is an artist working in the entertainment industry in Los Angeles, California as a SAG affiliated actress, a reporter, and the guitarist for the multi-award winning 432hz frequency band; The Siren. She is also the artist/creator of Shaman Spears, uniquely hand-crafted energy channeling devices she invented herself. Recently, she has begun a Youtube show called Apolla’s Odyssey and is a reporter for UFO News Network, Third Phase of Moon. Besides being an artist of many forms, she is also a speaker for Conscious/Disclosure Conferences after being a lifetime researcher of UFOlogy, exopolitics, forbidden archaeology, esoteric knowledge, and metaphysics.

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