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Welcome to #TheMoonlockPodcast S2E7 with Justin Alvarado: dancer, businessman, CEO of sports card company, My Valuable Player

In this episode, Justin shares his journey in building his start-up company, Being a fresh grad just before the pandemic, Justin had to pivot and research on stocks and investing. At the same time, the sports cards industry was booming! Then a light bulb moment happened! Wanting to provide an alternative way of investing and make sports cards accessible to all, he started executing and thus the beginning of My Valuable Player. He shares how he did it, the early struggles *ehem hassle work permit process*, day in the life and exciting news about the company!

As a dancer, he also talked about his time as an Assistant Company Manager of LSDC-Street and how the lessons he learned especially handling admin work helped him start up My Valuable Player, his time as a Magic Junior Jock and how it pushed him to go out of his comfort zone.

Folks, after this episode, we might just have heard the next big thing in sportscards!

Any light bulb moments or discoveries recently? Share them in the comments below!

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00:00:37:10 Intro
00:01:15:15 Kumusta?
00:03:10:05 LSDC Street, Junior Jock, Clutch Points
00:09:28:07 Being a Junior Jock
00:14:12:14 Being Assistant Company Manager and time with LSDC Street
00:20:00:11 Was creating a company always on Justin's mind?
00:23:57:28 What is the goal of My Valuable Player?
00:27:42:04 What were the difficulties you faced when you first started out?
00:38:37:04 Plans on marketing in Facebook Groups
00:40:44:02 A day in the life of a CEO
00:45:16:06 When does Justin hit the off switch?
00:47:04:29 What did Justin's parents say when he started his own company
00:49:40:24 Justin's zoom call experience with Gary Vaynerchuck
00:51:41:00 From Therese Agbisit: What's it like to be a CEO when you're 22 years old?
00:53:48:02 What are the notable challenges Justin faced in his young career?
00:56:07:25 From Therese Agbisit: How did you realize there was a demand for NBA cards?
00:58:01:29 From Khaley Dela Rama: As a psych grad, how can dance impact one's mind?
01:00:46:20 Who is your personal collection? (NBA Cards)
01:01:58:00 What is your advice for young entrepreneurs who're building their own startups, small businesses?
01:04:39:21 What's next for MVP and Justin?

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