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Joining my fellow #BNIsunrise members in our quest to assist existing property entrepreneurs scale and grow their property businesses.

This is our introduction to the group which will regularly report on matters to assist any intermediate or experience property entrepreneurs grow and scale their business. Perhaps diversion is on your radar this year. We are the team to assist.

Over the coming weeks we will be joined with David Charles from Ad+ (accountants), Kevin McKay from St Clair Financial Planning, (Financial Matters) Lynn Pacitti from Strefford Tulips (Legal Conveyancing) and finally Amy Mackenzie from Harper McLeod (Corporate Law) .... and a few guest speakers.

Check out this video and ALL feedback welcome.

Any questions feel free to post them in the comments and we can use these in our weekly updates. #law #accountants #property #entrepreneurs #propertyinvestment #architects #finance
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