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About the Forum:

The pandemic brought in its wake, tremendous changes in all spheres of life, all over the world. The corporate and business world was impacted in many ways and had to transform work systems and employment scenarios for business continuity. Career progression of employees is one key area that witnessed significant changes. Providing career development opportunities and supporting employees in their career progression is crucial.

The focus of this forum is on ‘Career progression: Prospects & Approaches’. The main aim is to examine career growth opportunities and continuous professional development of employees. The virtual training platforms being widely used by organizations, their trends and the core competencies required for career development, reinventing one’s career as a way forward for career development would be addressed in this forum.

Session 1: Virtual Training and Development Trends
Ms. Sarah Davis - Head of Partnerships CIPDME

Session 2: The Changing Success Criteria in the Reshaped
World of Work - What will be important and why?
Ms. Amanda White - Vice President for PSI (Middle East)

Session 3 : Relevance of Continuous Professional
Development [CPD]
Ms. Brenda Power - HR Consultant - UK

Session 4 : Reinventing your career
Ms. Angela Mulvie - Management Consultant - UK
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