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Have a question about your idea, product, or feeling stuck on a project? Not sure what to do next? Get your questions answered - for free. Ask us anything about startups, idea validation, product strategy, app design, and software development.

Join Andrew Verboncouer, Partner & CEO at Headway, and other special guests to help you reach your goals.

Get the feedback you need to move forward. Learn alongside other founders, product leaders, and industry experts with candid and honest discussions around creating better products.

If you're wondering:
Should I find a technical co-founder?
Is no-code a good idea for my MVP?
How can I validate my idea?
Contacting users for interviews
How do I know which features to build first?
What's the best way to get funding for my idea?
When should I start using a Design System?
Who should you hire first for your startup? Design or development?

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