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about John Warburton
I am an ARB registered architect with strong skills in 2D and 3D CAD and BIM applications. I've worked in architecture in the private sector for my whole 43-year career and have experience with practices of all sizes. I've designed and managed projects in the UK and the Middle East. In my time I have had major roles in everything from a small single room domestic extension right through to an Olympic sized sporting complex. My project experience is broad in both type and scale.

Drawing was central in guiding me towards a career in architecture and I believe that it has always been an essential skill for architects, even in these days of computer-based information production. When I first entered the profession it was in a pre-computing age, although as a student I was given a brief introduction to some of the early attempts to what was coming.

Along with my interest in architecture and drawing, I developed an interest in the blooming computing world, learning to code and even building my own computers from kits. That interest did not go unnoticed and I was put in charge of looking at this new-fangled CAD thing. CAD, and now BIM, have been a major part of my skill set ever since.

Drawing by hand has always been important to me, although mostly confined to use in work rather than as a hobby, which I now recognise is a shame. I've rekindled my interest, though and for a little over a year now I've been drawing away daily. Well, almost. I've amassed over 400 drawings and sketches and plan to keep going with this into retirement. Which is now only a few weeks

Instagram account - @jdwartist
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