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Wow! Where to start. What an amazing interview and opportunity to have Greg Hayes on our program. We had a great conversation on applying Design Thinking and Machine Learning to solve business challenges. We talk through how to bring business stakeholders, R&D teams, and experimentations to apply MLOps at scale with an iterative approach.

Greg is a technical leader in Machine Learning Engineering and Advanced Analytics with a strong interest in open source platforms written in Python. He has more than 20 years of experience leading global multi-disciplinary technology teams, and collaborating with global stakeholders to identify and align on new opportunities. He is currently a Data Science Director at Ecolab and is responsible for leading the selection and deployment of technology platforms to create and operationalize Data Science products at scale.

Greg served for many years as a team mentor as a part of the First Robotics Competition with his passion being to encourage the interest in science and technology, and to show kids that science and technology are both fun and rewarding. That’s awesome. I thank you Greg for giving back to help kids in that way and for being on the program today!

If you are interested in learning about how AI is being applied across multiple industries, be sure to join us at a future AppliedAI Monthly meetup and help support us so we can make future Emerging Technologies North non-profit events!

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