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Join Gregg Rock and our lead Agile instructor, Joanne Carswell, as they introduce a new methodology - Agile BPM. They will provide a brief overview of each of the courses in our Agile BPM Certificate Program:

Agile Methodology for BPM:

Discusses how to apply agile concepts, principles, and standards for members of Business Process Management including analysts, project managers, and leaders. Providing value more frequently in BPM is emphasized.

Agile BPM Roles and Responsibilities:

Focuses on how to implement agile in BPM initiatives. Participants will learn how to apply agile principles to BPM and the agile BPM delivery life cycle. In addition they will learn how to adapt roles in agile and how to setup process improvement work that delivers value more quickly to internal and/or external customers.

Agile Techniques for BPM:

Gives hands-on practice in the use of different techniques to refine, deliver, and demo user stories in agile BPM. Specific topics covered include adapting techniques in Six Sigma, Lean, Re-engineering, and BPM for use in agile BPM.

Agile BPM in Action:

Gives participants hands-on experience applying the concepts, principles, and techniques of agile BPM. From sprint planning to sprint demos, the participants will work through engaging real-world examples learning best practices that can be applied to their own agile BPM programs.

Join us for an interactive discussion to learn how to leverage agile BPM within your organization.

Learn more about the Agile BPM Certificate Program:
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