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Welcome to a live episode of the Grow Your Video Business Podcast! There are so many topics that I could cover, but I want to leave that up to my community of fellow video makers. I recorded this episode live on Facebook where you’ll hear me coach others in real-time!

Key Takeaways:
- Nothing is without its risks, but if you never take any in your business, it will never grow.
- It’s not worth it to work with a client who drains your energy. It’s better to spend your energy seeking out the clients you’d prefer to work with.

In this Episode:
00:00 Episode 240: A Coaching Session on How to Take Your Video Business to the Next Level
02:22 Highlights of success from video business owners
12:55 Where to find prospects and how Facebook Ads can be part of it
25:22 Knowing when it’s time to fire a client
32:51 Deciding who to hire first
38:43 How to nudge a prospect who is not responding to your proposal
44:17 How to move someone from contractor to employee
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