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Donation Work nahuy (Only 1st link now)
- Can you help me with money (Donate only extra money. If you have little money, you do not need to do this) (Work)
- Can you help me with money. (Donate only extra money. If you have little money, you do not need to do this.) (NOW DIDNT WORK 100%) (I'm from Russia)


Official website: (GO REGISTER BRO! BEST SERVER)
Discord server: (U can talk here)
4Vision on YouTube - (good videos)

Use Code "Playground" on for free +22 weapons! (15 days pvp weapons +22)

Watch this videos bro!
- 4Story dancing in real life
- Teach my sister to play 4Story
- Montage (Prod By Adrenalized)
- Montage (Prod By Lord Devil)
- HOW TO LOWER PING [4Story Guide]
- Tik Tok TRENDS and MEMES in 4Story
- Tik Tok TRENDS And MEMES In 4Story #2

Hello everyone, my name is RandomArcher. I play in 4Story on server 4Vision. On my channel you can see livestreams, battle royals, tournaments, playground, highlights,boss wars, CTF, montages and many videos dedicated to this game. I play on mage, archer, priest and assassin. Dont like evocator and warrior.
I used to play on servers like p4story, 4retro, 4ancient, 4secret, 4arcana, 4nowa, araz4story and many don't like them, so I think 4Vision is the best server in this game. PVP + PVE server.
My videos are suitable for both beginners and very old 4story players. I wish you all a pleasant viewing. Subscribe to the channel, like, click on the bell and write comments, I read them all.
My nickname in the game RandomMage (and RandomArcher). Stop ask me about 4Story Origin, i dont wait this server. Sorry for my english, im from Russia.

Welcome on 4Story 4Vision. Iberia Records :*

Quick question answer.

What do you think of 4Vision?
-the best server, for my style of play I don't see a better alternative

What do you think of 4story papayaplay (4story three kingdoms & one hero)?
- played for an hour on this server, realized that I wasted my time, this server is worth nothing.

What do you think of 4Story official?
- I dont play

What do you think of 4ancient?
-I dont play

What do you think of 4Secret?
server closed

What do you think of p4story?

What do you think of 4Arcana?
server closed

What do you think of 4Nova?
- nothing

What do you thing about 4Legacy?
- Server not for me

What do you thing about 4Classic?
- It's interesting to play pve, the server makes you communicate. One simply cannot survive, for some it is good (for me), but for some it is bad. I don't like PVP at all on 4Classic (Very slow, too many misses, never enough mana). For people who have played on 4ancient this might be a good option. For people who played on 4Vision - Stay on the best server.

Are you waiting for 4Story origin?
-No, I think it will be an empty server for pumping money from people. I'll test it when it comes out.

How many years have you been playing 4story?
- about 9, but gave up the game for a long time, so I think that 6

Do you only play 4story?
-on the YouTube channel, yes, but on twitch I can play other games with the viewers

What do you thing about 4Hell?
-Not released

What do you thing about 4Eternity?
-Not Released

You use macros?
- Yes, on all class

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