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Victoria Jodis is the Founder and Managing partner of Steel Wolf Ventures. She's also the host and Executive Producer of Ventures Report by BIZ stars TV. Victoria is one of the first few female CCIM-trained investment brokers before she decided to go the development route and started putting investors in with the money she made in commercial real estate. By 2016, she formed Steel Wolf, a hybrid business model, and partners with cutting-edge venture deals that we feel are going to explode and have a big market.   


[01:30] How she started in the commercial real estate

[03:56] How the Steel Wolf Ventures was formed

[06:36] What is a Hybrid Venture business model?

[09:43] How they deal with their business partners

[11:14] Process on partnering up with a hybrid model company

[14:48] Dealing with hard assets of the business

[16:50] Cutting-edge project that they’re currently in

[20:00] How to build the right team 

[24:55] How to leverage in Venture capital business

[27:00] Creative structure to maximize their profits 

[29:23] Her advice to 25-year-old self

[31:00] First Entrepreneurial endeavor

[34:34] Formal and Informal training that shaped her journey

[36:01] Her biggest mistake and what she learned from it

[37:46] Best way to reach out to Victoria


[07:02] Our business model is that we're kind of in that middle between the angel groups, and the big guys that charge upfront to raise your money and sometimes are successful. We participate with them and help adjunct additional cash flow as needed. The goal is to blow it up, double, triple whatever we can get. If we can soft sell the real estate part of it and say, no matter what happens with this company, if it blows apart, you'll still have an exit and an asset. I think that works better for people that are a little more conservative.

[15:30] Sometimes the solution is so simple, that you wonder why they didn't think of it. But you know, when you're so close to the trees, you can't see the forest. I like to see people that are in verticals, if they're industry agnostic, that's okay, too. But sometimes it takes too much to, you know, put them on that ramp and get them up to speed on what's really happening.

[21:36] When you are building a team, you have to make that decision fast, you can switch gears, minimize your losses and go forward. If you don't do that, then you're stuck with your ego. If you don't have the freedom to express whatever was going on in your head, then I think you've lost some of the realness, creativity, and just the ability to be yourself.


Steel Wolf is a trendsetting hybrid platform that selects a project to own, develop and scale business, place leaders on advisory boards, consult on next steps, and consider new marketing partners working alongside other accredited investors.


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