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24H WORLDWIDE DESIGN CONVERSATIONS Ed. 2021 | Designing in an age of uncertainty - Powered by Polimi Design System.

As contemporary society is facing new global challenges, new generations have the responsibility to bring forward important changes and pick out good practices for the future. The new generation of designers and researchers, who can and must play a leading role in the ongoing transformation, will be the protagonists and have a say.
The POLIMI Design System community of the Politecnico di Milano, and its international network, launched on June 24, 2020, a continuous 24-hour live broadcast, through a schedule that followed the international time zones.

This video is one of the forty eight 30 minutes sessions recorded during the live streeming; each one of the 48 guests developed their talks around a significant statement in defining to investigate the role, conditions and future expectations of young designers and researchers. The result is a new logbook of short statements, a collection of suggestions for a brand new Design era.
We are not alone in an era of uncertainty: no designer is an island.
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