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In this video Sam Gregory discusses his 10 top tips for anyone looking to self-publish a photography book. Although this video is quite long, we hope it's very useful for anyone who is thinking of producing and printing their own book.

0:00 - Intro
1:03 - Tip 1: Establish Your Goal
3:35 - Tip 2: Curate Your Images
6:09 - Tip 3: Do Some Book Research
7:57 - Tip 4: Choose Your Design Tool
10:18 - Tip 5: Print a Hard Proof
11:37 - Tip 6: Select Your Print Partner
13:34 - Tip 7: Plan Your Logistics
17:09 - Tip 8: Plan Your Promotions
19:23 - Tip 9: Learn From The Process
23:15 - Tip 10: Just Do It!

Fotospeed – Whatever your photographic requirements, let our passion for image-making provide the solution.

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With a respected reputation for quality and service, Fotospeed is now an established distribution company for worldwide market-leading brands such as Hahnemuhle Fine Art Papers, Kaiser Photographic equipment, Herma Adhesives and Canson Infinity Papers.

Whatever your photographic requirements, let our passion for image-making provide the solution.

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